Stay in hostels (1/6)

This is an evident one. If you’re going alone and making friends while taking a trip, you probably don’t want to be staying in hotels. The entire point of solo travel is to satisfy other people and share your experience, and while the luxuries of hotels may appear appealing, they aren’t much comfort if you’re alone throughout the day on a daily basis!

It’s all very well having that executive desk and a widescreen TV, but if you’re doing it right, you shouldn’t be spending enough time in your room to utilise them! Remaining in hostels will certainly give you simple access to a whole network of various other tourists, the majority of whom will certainly be really delighted to meet fellow solo travellers. It’s a lot simpler to introduce yourself on your own in a dorm or community room as opposed to in a hotel entrance hall!

In addition to the friendly element, staying in hostels will save you hella cash. If you’ve ever attempted to stay in a solitary hotel room, you’ll recognise that the rates are typically less than double, and you won’t have anyone to split the cost with. So, if you’re looking to save money while meeting people from all over the world, hostels are the obvious choice.

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