Pine Forests (7/9)

Nature admirers that like being among the lofty trees, dense woodlands, and jaw-dropping views can find themselves in one of the most effective locations in Ooty: the Evergreen Forests. The area entices you with its beauty, leaving you in awe of the picturesque canvas provided by the tall trees.

The Pine Tree Forests in Ooty is just one of the popular movie locations for Bollywood productions. The entire area is densely forested, with spirally twisted branches and molting barks, making it the ideal main base for all aspiring filmmakers.

A lot of evergreens, including Ponderosa and Siberian dwarf types, are virtually 1,000 years old, and lots of them have actually crossed the 4,000-year mark. In the largely inhabited forests, you can expect to find moths, squirrels, as well as different kinds of butterflies. Furthermore, bird-watching is a preferred activity.

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