PartnerStack (8/10)

PartnerStack is the go-to affiliate network for B2B innovation collaborations.

When you sign up with the network, you’ll acquire exclusive access to several of the world’s most trustworthy as well as top-paying B2B affiliate marketing programs like Notion,, and Webflow.

If you’re unfamiliar with B2B affiliate marketing, it works very similarly to B2C affiliate marketing, with the exception that the commissions are typically higher and are typically paid for a longer period of time.Consider recurring earnings of 20-50% of a sale for the life of the client you helped develop (this varies by brand; some only deal with one-year deals or one-time compensations).

Through the in-app dashboard, you’ll be able to conveniently monitor your efficiency throughout every one of the programs that you are currently part of. Built-in partner engagement functions like obstacles, in-app messaging, discovering materials, and so on enable more connectivity and engagement with the companion program managers.

Like with various other affiliate networks, you will certainly need to relate to each specific companion program independently, but you’ll be paid out altogether once a month via Paypal or Red Stripe once you hit the network’s $5 payment threshold.

If you are seeking to deal with top-tier B2B businesses that give greater payment and conversion prices, then PartnerStack Network is one of the very best marketplaces.

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Written by SHAMNAS

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