Paithalmala Trek, Kerala (9/10)

Paithalmala Trip is located in Kodagu forests in Kannur.From sea level, its height is 1371.6 meters. Recording hillsides and also hills, or biodiversity, are both essential things that individuals like to take pleasure in. With the landscape all around, you can also take pleasure in heights as well as hills that look remarkable.

In the Western Ghats, the group of nature lovers or travellers is growing day after day. Paithalmala is best visited between January and March, or June and October.The two most preferred features of Paithalmala are its leeches and elephants.

All you can experience while trekking in South India’s Western Ghats is lush eco-friendly greenery, cascading waterfalls, glistening streams, and various types of wildlife. The thick woodlands are the real appeal of the South Indian Deccan Plateau.

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