Pai (3/6)

Travel north from Chiang Mai to Pai, a small hippie community with reggae bars, beautiful scenery, and a cool, laid-back vibe. Pai, hidden in Thailand’s far northwestern corner, has only recently entered the backpacker scene.

If you’re confident on a moped or motorcycle, you could rent one and ride the hill passes from Chiang Mai to Pai. The roadway is notorious for its harsh bends and isn’t a flight for the faint-hearted. The option is to get on a four-hour bus trip.

The trip deserves it, though, as Pai is bordered by falls, hills, and jungles, making it the best place for lovers of the outdoors. The hostels and bars listed below are relaxed locations where you can expect to hear live music and also party entertainment. Make certain to spend an evening or more checking out Strolling Road, where you’ll locate delay after delay of delicious road food. Oh, and also direct yourself to Pai Canyon at sundown to view the evening rays setting over the canyon.

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