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While some video cameras, camcorders, and mobile phones have fantastic audio pickups, they still leave a lot to be desired. And also, if you’re using something smaller, the audio will likely be dreadful. These gadgets weren’t created to capture premium sound.

Outside microphones dramatically improve the quality of your audio. This is especially crucial when you’re shooting video lessons, courses, live streams, interviews, or anything else that contains speech.

The good news is that you can get some good exterior mic options without breaking the bank, such as shotgun microphones, Rode VideoMic Pro+, lavalier microphones, and many others.

We suggestion you 

1) Shotgun Microphones are wonderful for studio recording where you’re educating or talking and not moving about much if in all. They’re likewise amazing for vlogging.

2) Rode VideoMic Pro+ is a terrific alternative that can provide top notch audio and also be used in multiple circumstances.

3) Rode VideoMic Go is a great alternative for newbies. It’s a little as well as functional microphone with fantastic audio top quality.

4) Lavalier Microphones is a little microphone that clips to a collar or lapel as well as offers top quality sound pickup. It gets rid of background sound as well as documents clear voices.

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