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While you require a good camera to capture video clips skillfully, that’s not the end of the matter. What’s equally as vital is a clever use of lighting, which can truly transform your web content from amateur to pro.

Light is a vital component for making your video clips look expert. Pro idea: If you believe your present ambient lights suffice, there’s a good chance it isn’t. Unless you’re recording in your backyard in the middle of the day, your cams will require a supplementary source of light.

our suggestions are:

1) Neewer 3-Pack 2.4G LED Softbox Lighting Kit, which is best alternative for beginners and it provides more functional and powerful lights.

2) GVM makes terrific lights that are portable as well as flexible. the lights are dimmable LEDs and they have RBG performance so you can alter the shade of the lights and also add a good panache to your video clips.

3) Aputure makes leading high quality lights that are the criterion of the sector. These are used by specialists as well as YouTubers alike as they offer several of the very best high quality lights.

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