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A gimbal is like a stabiliser for your video camera. Gimbals come in a variety of styles and sizes; you can find gimbals for cameras as small as your iPhone and as large as a professional-level camera.

A gimbal stabilises your shot by using pivots and weights, which is especially important when you’re moving.When your camera is still, a tripod will certainly work. If you’re moving, you’ll need a gimbal.

There are numerous designs available, each with its own set of characteristics and costs.

Let’s swiftly examine a few of the most effective gimbals you can contribute to your video clip production equipment.

1) DJI Osmo provides impressive stabilization for smartphones and also mobile phone videos. With its super-compact type aspect it’s both easy to lug and also utilize.

2) MOZA Air 2 is a mechanized gimbal that can steady video cameras considering as much as 9 lbs (4.2 kg).

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