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If you are starting an online business or selling digital solutions, Chiang Mai has an additional source of value: its pool of talented digital specialists.

While the fashionable Nimman location is the center of electronic nomad activity, there are lots of coworking areas throughout the city where you can meet other remote experts and also entrepreneurs, join workshops as well as networking occasions, and cowork in a supportive atmosphere.

Punspace, the leading coworking room in Chiang Mai, works as the de facto headquarters for the digital nomad crowd in Nimman. Since its inception in 2013, they have grown to three locations throughout the city, opened a new coliving facility, and hosted events for Amazon, the BBC, and Fiverr. During peak hours, you can expect to see a mix of developers, drop shippers, SEOs, developers, online marketers, founders, investors, and others with their heads down working.

In some cases, the digital crowd in Thailand gets a bad rap (mostly on ex-pat forums); however, it’s among the best, approachable, and pretty sharp. If there is a facet of your business where you require assistance, guidance is easy to find, whether in person, by posting among the numerous Facebook teams for electronic nomads, or in online-based areas like Dynamite Circle. 

You can please potential consultants, partners, and partners. These local resources can also be extremely useful in keeping up with current events in Thailand, as well as local digital and tech-related news and events such as the annual Nomad Top.

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