Availability of Accommodation (4/6)

Chiang Mai city is growing. From virtually any point of view in any kind of condominium or month-to-month rental accommodation, you will certainly see new lodging structures increasing. Long-term apartment leasing (6–12 months) is conveniently discovered; shorter-term (3 months) is harder but possible. Monthly lodging is conveniently offered in the reduced seasons, yet during high periods you must schedule in advance.

Chiang Mai is not just a preferred location for online business owners; it is popular with travelers from all over Asia and Thais from other parts of the nation. The city is capitalizing on the increased traveler and short-term visitor traffic by developing lodging to meet the demand. This suggests that rental rates are going to remain low for many years. 

There are structures that are popular with Chinese, Japanese, and western deportees, and some that are popular with digital nomads and online entrepreneurs. So while holiday accommodation is available, recognizing where to live to make sure that you are with individuals like you is the largest consideration.

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