How To Launch On Producthunt?

launch on producthunt

Launching a new software is always exciting. And of course, producthunt is the goto place to introduce your new software to the world.

Have you ever advertised your producthunt launch on Facebook?

Anyway here are the 4 strong pillars of producthunt launch.

Pillar #1: You either need a short time to value or have a sense of urgency that helps capture contact info.

Producthunt traffic is very temporary, and the interest can be short-lived. If you have a discount, newsletter, or something similar that can only be obtained if they give you an email address, it will be extremely valuable to you.

It’ll enable you to send out product updates, purchase reminders, and get a head start with targeted ad audiences.

Pillar #2: Make sure you’re monitoring more than just traffic.

Have a few funnels setup looking at major user actions (for example, if your app is an image editor, have a look at images uploaded + images downloaded). It will let you quickly differentiate between high-quality and low-quality traffic.

It’ll probably be hard to adapt to what you see within the single 24 hours you have for launch, but it will help you with optimizing conversions for future marketing campaigns of your product.

Pillar #3: Have a way for users to communicate with you.

Expensive options like Intercom are one way to go, You can go with Feedback Fish which is more than enough. Comments on Producthunt were limited to “your product SEEMS cool”, meanwhile comments coming in through Feedback Fish might be more useful with concrete feature requests, bug reports, etc.

Pillar #4: Find a hunter that has a sizeable Twitter audience that matches your ideal customer profile.

This can be the CTO of a medium-sized company if you are launching a dev tool.

Twitter works well with technical audiences. Generally, you should refrain from asking to be hunted. Instead, try to connect with a few different people that might make good hunters, and just get them to use your product and provide feedback.

A good hunter is someone that is genuinely interested in helping you out, loves your product, and has credibility within your target audience. The most successful products use their first customer / top fan as their hunter since their network usually meshes with your goal + you’ve already done some user testing that way.

Hope this helps. Happy launching!

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