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Video content is one of the most promising avenues of content marketing considering that YouTube is now the second most popular search engine out there.

Social selling is the new norm and there is no denying the fact that video content is one of the easiests forms to consume.

With 81% of businesses using video to promote their business, people are bound to run out of ideas every now and then. Of course, completely new ideas are always great, but finding such ideas on a regular basis sounds much easier than it really is.

Let’s get real for a minute.

If you are a video content creator and you are reading this blog, then you are already out of good ideas to make videos on. Or you are at least wearing thin. There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it. 

This is going to happen a lot oftener than you might expect.

So, what can you do to keep finding great ideas for video content?

Well, the first step is to realize that not every video has to a long video. It can be as short as a minute and still be quite powerful. Just check out this short commercial by Surf Excel!

This is probably why so many influencers are indulging in Facebook and Instagram stories.

But getting back to the problem at hand, what are the best ways to keep finding video content ideas?

Well, here are a few:

Go Through Your Old Content

If you’ve been marketing for a while now, chances are that you already have a huge pile of content that you keep retweeting.

Here’s the thing:

Most marketers forget to update their old content! Is there anything in your old content that is outdated in your existing content? If there is, what are you waiting for? That’s a brand new video in the making. Go ahead and make it!

Find Awesome Blogs

Blogs are you one-stop shop for new ideas. MasterBlogging by Ankit Singla is one such blog I always look for good quality content.

Create a Feedly account and start adding your interests to it. This way, you can stay updated on everything in your niche.

You can create videos on other people’s work as long as you take permission and give them proper credit, it’s alright to use other people’s work. In fact, you can actually ease into building several influencer relationships that way.

Check Out Some Podcasts

Podcasts are untapped gold mines. 

I know what you are thinking right now – “But they are meant for audiophiles, right?”

Well, technically, yes. But hey! You can always turn a podcast into a video! Over 6 million people listen to podcasts and that is in the USA alone. 

Try tuning in to some really popular channels that are closely related to your niche. That is one of the best things that you can do to keep finding ideas that a lot of people find engaging.

Ask Your Audience What They Want

Create an audience poll. 

Or a lead quiz. Or a contest.

Audience driven content delivers the most promising results. Period. By asking your audience what they would like to see, you instantly get a pile of great topics to work on. 

The best part? It takes very little effort to set this up! You may want to spend a little on spreading the word, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Use Google Trends

Videos are best for trending topics and there is very little you can do to make a video evergreen. If only there as a way to be on top of global trends using the data collected by one of the biggest accumulators out there. 

Oh, wait! There is!

Google Trends is one of the most powerful tools for research and development. Leveraging it can give you a real competitive edge over other people in your niche. 

Once you find some trending keywords that people are definitely searching for, put out a Google Alert for them. This way, you have a nice stream of great content ideas delivered straight to your inbox.

Check Out Twitter

Twitter is a light-hearted social media platform where people gather to whine about things, right? WRONG!

Twitter is a really impressive place where you can do a lot. You can build a community, engage with them, and sell directly online.

True story, I have done it before! Little known fact: Twitter is a great place to find curated content. At the same time, Twitter Analytics is a great place to find trending events – events that you could base your videos on!

Introduce the Team

Every great venture has a killer team behind it. Sharing their adventures with more people humanizes your business instantly.

introduce the team

I am not talking about a generic corporate video. Make a funny intro of all your employees and colleagues. Make sure to capture them at their quirkiest.

This doesn’t even have to be a one-time thing. There are so many hilarious things that happen every day at the office. Capture as much as you can and you could even have a video series! 

SEMRush releases pictures of their team and team activities on social media. Why not do the same with videos? The brilliant thing is that it doesn’t have to be a very professional video. The more real it looks and feels, the better it is for your marketing strategy.

Conduct a Few Interviews

Nothing promotes trust like an interview with an industry expert. Talking to people can really boost your organic reach. This is the entire idea on which Twitter Chats operate. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t do the same for your video marketing strategy!

If you are looking for a way to start, I’d suggest participating in Twitter Chats. You could also use MyBlogU or similar platforms to connect with people to hold an interview. Of course, you could email some influencers and do it the old-fashioned way too.

Ask for Video Testimonials

Remember that one client who was gushing with the results of your services? Have you asked them to leave a review yet? Good! Always ask them to leave good reviews.

You know what’s even better than a review?

A video testimonial! Video testimonials are authentic, catchy, and engaging. They also require very little effort on your part. If you can manage only one testimonial, you can create a Facebook Story. If you can get a lot of them, create a full-length video!

You can even promote it to get more clients in the process!

Showcase Your Success Stories

Sure, sometimes it can be difficult to get a lot of really great client testimonials. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t leverage your success to create even more success!

Have someone do the voiceover of a success story! Simple, effective, and easy to turn into a long-form blog to support your video.

In fact, that one video could lead to a million great opportunities!

Showcasing your success stories through video is going to be a giant trend in the next few years. Start leveraging it right now.

Create How-to Videos

Every industry comes with its own unique set of challenges. But if there is one thing that every industry has in common, it is this – every single person in the target audience loves a ‘How-To’ post or a ‘DIY’ post.

Why not make videos on the same theme? You are quite likely to gain a lot of followers and retain them with a little bit of marketing. 

The best part about creating ‘how-to’ videos is that you can easily turn it into a series by just paying attention to the video comments!

Talk about user-driven content!

Release Market Overviews

Data can often seem utterly useless. Until you run out of ideas for video content, that is! With the help of market overviews, you can leverage a ton of random data to create something useful.

Market overviews are often in HUGE demand by the top dogs in your industry and who doesn’t like a freebie? In fact, this idea is so powerful that industry giants like HubSpot are creating their own ebooks on market reviews.

A video on the market overview can gain some serious traction in 2019 and can even evolve into a recurring theme! If it goes well, you could consider diversifying and releasing whitepapers based on industries related to your own with the help of interested third-parties.

Capture Event Videos

There is a reason why the Annual Filmfare Awards are always trending on social media. People love big events. The only problem is that creating events just for the sake of video marketing can prove to be quite challenging if you are not a corporate powerhouse.

Sure, if you have a big space, you can offer to host events. But that is not really a common thing.

Here’s what you can do instead:

You can create videos on events that you are attending. Ask some recurring events to become their official digital partner. This way, you can gain a lot of traction from video content – even if it IS on someone else’s website!

Hold Q&A Sessions

Quora has made millions in revenue. How? By offering a platform to get your questions answered by experts.

While the platform is heavily abused (as are other forums), the questions you can find are legitimate questions.

So, how do you leverage this?

Simply find relevant questions, make a list of all such questions, and answer them on video. 

This process is not just limited to Quora. You can use other forums like Reddit or niche forums by searching for: “niche” + “forum” on Google.

Afterwards, you can market the video on the exact forums where you found the questions in the first place!

Create News Roundups

Not every business manages to make the daily news because it isn’t glamorous enough on the surface. The few forums that do offer news are probably still quite scattered and not everyone can follow all the forums.

But to people involved in the industry, that niche is definitely newsworthy. Become an instant symbol of authority in your business by offering news roundups. Not only can you build a ton of connections with awesome people in your industry, but you also get a steady flow of content ideas!

Seeing as videos fetch huge engagements, people will be glad to collaborate with you as well to boost their own traffic.

Do Pre-Launch Videos

Alright, sure! Not everyone has a product to market. Lots of people just monetize through advertisements or services.

But ask yourself this – what’s stopping you from creating a product? If nothing else, you can always write a book on your industry’s best kept secrets and sell it online. You could even give it away for free!

The pre-launch videos and teaser campaigns are sure to get a lot of traction your way. At the same time, you can generate a ton of video content for your channels – all from a single idea!

Wrapping Up

The difference between you and your competitors should always be quality and not quantity. Even if you have fewer pieces of video content, it’s quite alright – as long as they are killer pieces of content!

What this actually means is that even with these awesome tips to find video content ideas, you should look for quality and not quantity. Do NOT arbitrarily select topics and create a video on it.

Also, the same principle applies to the length of your videos. If you have only a small video concept, that is perfectly fine. Just make sure to polish and refine it so that it kills on micro-content platforms. 

Which of these tips did you find most interesting? Did you find this blog useful? Do you use any of these ideas already? Let us know more about your story so that we can create more awesome content in the future.

Also, if you loved the blog – you know what to do, right? Share it with more people! Good luck with your content ideas. May the Force Be With You!

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