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Best Remote Working Tools in 2023

remote working tools 2023

Amidst the CORONA outbreak, Many of the companies (Big and Small) have been forced to let their employees work from home. I never noticed it as a big issue until I am reading it everywhere on social media since I am doing it from years.

If you have read my previous articles, You will get to know I have always tried to support remote working culture. I personally believe WFH (Work From Home) / Remote Work is the future.

Anyway, Here I will give you a list of tools which I use to manage my work from home. Most of the Tools I use are FREE OF COST.

I will share list of tool to

  • Work Organized.
  • Communicate, share and collaborate with the team.
  • Meetings.
  • Stay motivated.

Tools to keep your Work Organized.

A notepad app works better always. The tools I love using are

Out of all these apps, I prefer using the Bear App. Might be because of the sleek design. It’s simple and elegant. But only available for apple users.

Evernote is a good alternate for android or windows users. But sync is available only on the paid version for both Bear App and Evernote. Bear App is almost half the price of Evernote.

Consider Google Keep if you are looking for a free alternative.

Tools to Communicate, Share and Collaborate with the Team.

There are plenty of tools to communicate, share work and collaborate. There are very popular free tools like slack. But there are some good alternatives too. Ones which are not so popular.

Let me introduce you both. The tools you need will be very much dependent on your team size and also kind of work you do.

Here are some of the best tools for team collaboration and sharing.

Trello & Slack has got many free features. I am still using the free version of both. And there is a plugin to connect trello to slack too. But if you are looking for a free alternate, why don’t you try a whatsapp group?

It works pretty well too.

If you are using Slack to collaborate with your team, I strongly recommend HeyTaco to give credits to your team.

Tools to Organize Team Meetings

This also depends a lot on your team and kind of work culture your company maintains. If you are a small group of guys together building a startup, a whatsapp call might be more than enough. But it’s always better to do it with a professional software.

And professional softwares will be having lot of features too. Let me list out few of the best softwares for you.

Zoom has got a free version which is good enough for a small / medium level startup.

Tools to Stay Motivated

This is a complicated topic to discuss because I am afraid it might be very personal. Anyway let. me share some apps I use to make myself motivated and concentrated on work.

I prefer coffitivity over other apps because music is always a distarction for me. But it might not be the case with you. I know lot of my friends who plays silent music and work for hours.

Coffitivity gives you a feeling of working from a coffee shop.

Wrapping Up

This article is very much dependent on my personal preferences, character and the way I work. What worked for me might not work for you.

I would love to know your favorite remote working tools too. Please mention them in comments. <3

What do you think?

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