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AI softwares that will save you time, energy, and money

top ai softwares

Smartwriter (

Streamline your outreach process by sending high-quality personalized emails to your audience.

Generate 1000s of personalized emails that get you 8x more replies within minutes.

Maverick (

Record just one video, and Maverick will generate personalized videos for ALL of your customers using AI where you greet each customer by name.

Rep (

Rep saves customers that are about to drop off your website.

And converts them with AI-powered conversational shopping assistance.

Retention Engine (

Cut subscriber churn up to 47% with AI.

The AI learns what save offers are working and optimizes your cancel flow accordingly.

Writesonic (

Create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your blogs, ads, emails, and website 10X faster.

Tribescaler (

Your own AI writing assistant to help you write better hooks in seconds.

Surfer SEO (

The AI tracks down the top-performing pages from your niche.

And suggests tips including:
• Article structure
• High-converting keywords
• Optimum word count for articles

Grammarly (

Provides instant writing suggestions so you can communicate with confidence no matter the context.

From grammar and spelling to style and tone.

Smartly (

Automate personalization to create more ads, smarter, better, faster.

The AI can publish and update the ads in real-time so that you never miss a chance to reach out to your audience.

Jasper (

AI trained to write original, creative content.

Write blog posts, stories, and even books with their Boss Mode plan.


An AI system that can create realistic images and art from a text description.

ClipDrop (

The ultimate ecosystem of apps, plugins & resources for all creators, powered by AI.

• Relight images
• Remove background
• Upscale images by 2-4x
• Cleanup defects automatically

Fireflies (

An AI assistant for your meetings.

Record, transcribe, and search across your voice conversations.

Supermeme (

Generate original memes powered by AI in 110+ languages.

Hope this was helpful! Did I miss anyone?

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