Advantages of Remote Working

Advantages of Remote Working

Companies like Zomato, Swiggy, Grub hubs & Uber eats provides convenience of delivering food at doorsteps.

Access to technology on both big & small screens helps us get anything & everything we need right from food, taxi ,movies ,grocery to even running a business.

advantages of remote working

However, a lot of us still spend one-fourth of their time commuting to & from office, travelling in full crowded metro/subway, indulging in unwanted gossips or finding flaws in appraisal process. 

Although Remote working do offer advantages, it carries its own share of challenges.

20% of the U.S. workforce works remotely which is slowly becoming an acceptable trend & a normal lifestyle.

Technology has empowered people to carry their work on both big & small screens wherever they go, paving way for bringing flexibility in their working lifestyle. However, working remotely can sometimes be daunting, boring, frustration or gives a sense of loneliness

A latest study conducted by google innovation lab found that distributed team is the new norm & is helping corporations improve productivity at physical & virtual workplace.

Here are some advantages of remote working.

Having work breaks

Isn’t it boring to continue working for long hours without taking regular breaks or walking around the cubicles?

having work breaks

Working from home offers much more than that. It sounds super exciting to have a small coffee break while  chit-chat your kids, taking your pet for a walk , watching that comedy show you have been eagerly waiting or just reading a book during afternoon break.

Work schedule is not about only having meetings or responding to emails. It rejuvenates you to have regular breaks from work & in between indulge in activities which you cannot do while in cubicle or office space. 

Travel with work

 You cannot work within the same walled boundaries all the time. You need change of environment & place to keep yourself motivated & inspired. Now you can be in a garden sitting at a bench, close to lake, near to beach or mountains while continuing with your work. 

Develop a community of remote professionals

It is always good to overcome the loneliness associated with remote working by finding a community of remote workers with whom you can interact, associate & brainstorm your business/creative ideas.

Gallery Running Remote Conference - 2-min

There are several exciting programs which enables you to be part of community of digital nomads & fosters an opportunity to make new friends & be connected with fellow nomads not only at our retreats but also in future

Ever heard of the Running Remote Conference? It’s an event which happens every year for the remote working professionals around the globe.

I have a strong belief that The talent is hiding here.

DIY routine

Working from home / remotely provides you an excellent chance to break from that daily boring routine & make your own routine.

You can indulge in various exciting & fun loving activities, locating a new place to work or making your workday more social & engaging.

How exciting it could be to change your daily routine at least one or twice a month.

Getting to a designated co-working space

Sometimes getting to that office environment is need of hour. Public library, coffee shop or co-working space can be your 9 to 5 office to overcome your desire for that change in scenery or crave for human communication.

What do you think?

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