6 Tips to Write EFFECTIVE Content on LinkedIn

write better on linkedin

LinkedIn has 500 million users and, andOnly 1%LinkedIn users create content.

And the percentage of people producing EFFECTIVE content is far below than 1%.

The percentage is very low because people often don’t understand the difference between a piece of content and an effective piece of content. In this ever-growing world of digital content, writing effectively has become essential to stand out.

Need not to mention, effective content creation requires a good investment of time and efforts. That’s why people who are doing it comes in “1% club”.

It’s high time for you to make entry in that “1% club”.

And you can do it over time by using 6 tips mentioned below.

1. Grab the attention in the first 2-3 sentences.

Whenever your post appears in your network’s feed, only first 2-3 lines of the post are visible followed by “see more”

Your job is to compel your reader to click on “see more”.

And the only way to do that is to pique the interest of the reader by first two lines.

Use questions and open statements to make your reader curious.


  • How can you make your LinkedIn content hit?
  • No matter what you do, if you’re not using below tips your content won’t be effective.
  • If I had known the following tips earlier, I would have increased my content visibility by 70%.

Statements like this give a sense of urgency due to which readers will definitely read your content by clicking on “see more”.

When I frame a post, it takes me more time to write first two lines of the post than to write the rest of the post. The reason is simple, I gotta create a strong requirement in first two lines to make my readers read the whole post.

That’s why the impression created by first two lines of your post is a very important factor in determining the effectiveness of your content.

2. Focus on quality over quantity

There’s no specific relation between length of the post and its effectiveness. Surely, if one can derive more value from your content, it will be better. But it’s not the same case with the length of the content.

You may think that short posts gain more visibility than the longer ones. But LinkedIn statistics say, long posts gain more visibility than the shorter ones.

As you can realize, there’s no particular method or formula which can use to determine the right length of your post. All you can do is: Figure out what works best for you. You can do this by experimenting with different lengths and keeping your posts full of variety. 

Posts can be in the form of a paragraph. Like,

It is your task to engage your readers on your content. That’s why you have to experiment. Try different methods of writing. Try different lengths. 

Paragraphs are good to be used in a post but avoid using long paragraphs. Also, your posts can be one-liner. Like,

It is your task to engage your readers on your content. 

That’s why you have to experiment. 

Try different methods of writing. 

Try different lengths.

Both types of posts have their own significance. You need to find out what’s significant for your readers.

3. Make your content personalized

You’re a human who’s trying to write effective content. Your content shows you’re trying to write but where’s that “human” part?

By the right use of emojis, a decent sense of humor and by sharing your mistakes, fears and challenges in your content, you can bring that “human” part!

Don’t offend anyone with your humor but try to make people smile while they read your content. 

Whenever you write, assume as if your reader is sitting in front of you and you are having a conversation with her. 

How would you make that person enjoy the conversation?

You would do it by changing your expressions a bit, by changing your tone, by sharing something to laugh. Right?

Include the similar things in your content.

See this example,

Writing takes efforts. For some people it can be easy, but for many it’s a challenge. 

Yesterday, I opened my diary and tried to write. But I couldn’t write. Nonetheless, today I’ll try again.

Now read following piece of content.

Writing takes efforts. Real big efforts! 

For some people it can be easy, but for many it’s a challenge.

Yesterday, I opened my diary and tried to write (Phew! Finally I tried)

But I couldn’t write. Nonetheless, today I’ll try again, not to stare at the pages but to fight with my pen to start behaving like a pen 😛

The first example is expressing writer’s thoughts.

The second example is expressing the writer’s real challenge of writing with a series of emotions.

As a reader, you would find second example relatable. You would feel as if the writer is sharing your experience. 

The connection which makes your reader accept your experiences as her own, is the ultimate goal of EFFECTIVE writing.

Initially, it can be tricky to include that “human” part in your content. But it’s not impossible. You need to try. 

You need to try consistently 🙂

4. Avoid difficult vocabulary

Writing surely enriches your vocabulary. But the purpose of a writer is to make her readers understand her thoughts not to show-off that enriched vocabulary.

Please keep in mind, weak English vocabulary is not a reason for writing inability. 

In fact, simpler the words are, easier it is for your readers to exactly understand what you want them to understand. Even if you use some difficult words, you can share their meanings at the end of your post. Your goal is to keep it easy!

5. Realize the power of ‘You’

In real world, pointing at someone may not be a good etiquette. But in writing world, pointing at your readers with your words is a good technique to make your content stand out. There’s following paragraph,

We need to use different methods to determine what works best for us. I may like short posts and my friend may like long posts but it’s not about me or my friend. It’s about our readers.

Now read following paragraph.

You need to use different methods to determine what works best for you. You may like short posts and your friend may like long posts but it’s not about you or your friend. It’s about your readers.

Did you realize the difference?

In first example, writer is talking about herself. She’s putting focus on herself.

Whereas, in second example writer is talking about YOU. You are her readers. By using the word “you” instead of “I” and “we”, she put the whole focus on her readers. 

Wherever you put your focus, determines the attention you would bring.

By using YOU, the writer is grabbing attention of her readers which is the heart and soul of EFFECTIVE writing.

Use YOU instead of I and WE to make your readers feel important. That’s the key!

6. Make engagement easier for your readers

It’s necessary to include a CTA (Call To Action) at the end of your posts. 

CTA is a question or a statement which asks readers to take next step after reading your content. Generally, the next step is to put a comment to share their views.

Your CTA can be,

  • Looking forward to hear your views.
  • Have you also experienced similar situation?
  • What would you do if you had the same experience?
  • Feel free to share this post further.
  • Do you agree with above thoughts?

Questions/statements like these encourage readers to share their viewpoints.

Most of the readers don’t find it easy to engage on a piece of content by dropping comments. CTA helps them to share their thoughts by specifically asking for a particular opinion.

So, don’t forget to include CTA at the end of your posts!

When nothing is static in this digital world, you can’t afford to rely on old strategies. Because,

What worked yesterday, will not work today and it will not even exist tomorrow!

Don’t forget, it’s about reading experiences you give to your readers.

More refreshing those experiences are, deeper will be the connection of your readers with your content.

So, stop waiting!

Start writing EFFECTIVELY!

What do you think?

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