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make money online

There are infinite ways to make money online, I understand. But, that is where exactly the problem lies. We will lose focus.

Money lies in doing one thing consistently. Not trying out 1000 different things. It’s very difficult to stay consistent in the noisy internet world, I agree. And this is exactly why many of them don’t make it big online.

The Shiny Object Syndrome is real.

So, here let me explain to you a simple system that will allow you to earn online from multiple streams. 

Yes. I will explain step by step. But, only ONE thing! Do it consistently and let me know if you have any queries.

I call it “The Beginner’s Soup”.

Step #1: Build A Tribe.

You build it. They will come. – Believe me, This doesn’t work anymore.

You gotta build a community. A tribe. A group of people with whom you love to work with. People whom you genuinely wanted to help.

It’s always easier to build a tribe first, and then finding a solution which solve their problems or help them achieve their dreams.

You can start with a simple facebook group.


Step #2: Ask Relevant Questions.

Ask questions to understand your audience better. Ask about their pain points and dreams. You have an option to ask questions when somebody joins the facebook group.

Also, You can use any of these tools to collect data.

  1. Jotforms.
  2. Google forms.
  3. TypeForm.

I would recommend using Jotforms. It’s very user friendly.

Step #3: Create Content.

Once you understand the dreams and pain points, You should create content consistently addressing these desires and pains.

Create simple polls to improve the engagement rate.

Use Convosight to analyze your group and content. This will help you understand what kind of content works better for your audience.

Step #4: Find The Best Solution.

This is where you find your affiliate product which you think is the best solution for your audience. This is very easy.

There are couple of ways to do it.

  1. Search for related keywords on affiliate marketplaces like JVZoo, Clickbank, CJ, MaxBounty, etc.
  2. Search for keywords on google. Go to the websites pops on first few pages. Search for affiliate programs on these websites. Most probably you will find them on the footer area.

Note: Both ways, it is ideal to use the service before you recommend it to your tribe. Most of them will have a free trial to try it out. It would be awesome if you can create a review video or how-to video of these solutions for your audience.

This is what I did. I know most of my audience is trying to build a passive income online to travel around the globe. 

I created a community for them and started created content around this topic. I searched for softwares and training programs which will help them in their journey.

Out of all these, The One Funnel Away Challenge has got the best affiliate program. Every student can join their affiliate program and they offer 100% commission.

Yes. 100%. The program will cost you just $100 and you will get $100 for every referral you bring. Crazy, right?

And the best thing about the program is no student ever left a bad review. Everyone I referred was super happy with the training program. It’s a 30-day intense coaching program on affiliate marketing. I attended the program and it is with the help of this program I made my first $1000 month online. 

I strongly recommend anyone in the same niche to start with the same program. The conversion rates are pretty high.


Step #5: Lead Magnet Is The Key.

This is where you ask permission to pitch your offer. This is a simple procedure where you literally bribe your prospect for their contact details. So here is how you do that.

  1. Create an e-book, checklist, free course, case study or anything of that kind which your ideal customer might be interested in. You can do this in no time using a tool called
  2. Create a landing page using Convertkit. Ask for their email id to send them the e-book, checklist or the course access. And ask them the permission to send emails.
  3. This way you have earned their respect asking them directly for their contact details and permission. This is not like you sending email to the email ids you bought from a stranger. Here you are going to send emails to a  warm audience. They already know about you.

Step #6: Own Your Audience.

Add these email ids you collect to an e-mail list. This is how you own audience whom you had only a control over. 

You don’t own your facebook / instagram fans or community members. Facebook owns them. You only have a small control over them. It’s very important to own them when you have control over them.

Otherwise, A small facebook algorithm change is going to affect your business. Not a good idea at all.

Step #7: Follow Up With Bonuses.

You can setup follow up emails on convertkit. It has got amazing visual automation builder too. 

I was using activecampaign before. I switched to convertkit mainly because of their easy to build landing pages.

You can include bonuses when they are buying through your affiliate link. Most of the time, I include tech support or how-to guides as bonuses.

Do this consistently for at least 3 months and you will start seeing resuls. If you have any queries, I am just one email away.

Reach me on

All the best! Let me know the feedback.

What do you think?

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